This beautiful misty mountain landscape was painted freehand with no photo reference. It was created as watercolor illustration for my fantasy novel “The Wind-Weaver’s Quest”.

In the story, the vampire Ian lies resting in a cave, gazing out at the misty mountain valley while he and Daria plan their next move.

Anyhow, the story has been a long time coming. All 350 pages are written, edited and now the final illustrations are in the works. Most have been illustrated on the computer for now while I search out publishers and find willing models for the trilogy.

For now, we can all just enjoy where the images take us.

Title: “Misty Morning”

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 30″ x 22″ without the frame

Asking price: $1,250.00

See this painting in person at the InFusion Gallery. Also available in Limited Edition Prints.