Painter Profile Pics - Artist Samuel Worley

Fan brushes aren’t just for happy little trees but also sand on the seashore and dots on rocks. Are you a fan?

Having a label attached to me is something I believe we all have dealt with in one form or another…

One of mine is bi-polar and possibly the more dreaded shizoeffective. At least, that’s what label put me on disability for a time (something I’d not wish on anybody).

It’s funny though, that if we got to choose our own labels, life would seem more kind.

For example, people might say something like: “he suffers from an over-active-imagination” (or OAI). The acronym could even stand for Over Achiever Imbalance.

Either way, getting the diagnosis in my early 30’s was like having a midlife crisis. And  (looking back at my life) it seems the middle of my life has been pushed forwards several times.

Guess that’s a good thing.

The experience though, (in my opinion) has made me stronger and more independent.

I’ve noticed, too that often people with this “illness” are super creative like me. We often have a ton of amazing ideas (sometimes a little quirky) but awesome, nonetheless.

Often these ideas come in a wave of artistic inspiration and if they’re encouraged, can happen more periodically, whereas if they’re shot down by outside influences or suppressed by the wrong medication, that part of us can be shoved down so far that we may want to have nothing to do with the outside world and honestly hate life.

Sometimes though, some of the ideas may be so out there that we may ourselves look at them and decide that they’re intangible.

One of the methods I use for dealing with these moments is to write them down and sleep on it. And, if it still seems like a good idea in the morning, I run with it.

Over time, I’ve learned to channel these ideas into passions that drive me in nearly every art form in one way or another. I suppose when looking at my pursuits from somebody else’s perspective, I may seem over ambitious. But to me, it’s not only natural but also therapy.

The fact that not all of them provide income at the moment doesn’t mean a whole lot to me since I am very particular with my work.

It can also get a little frustrating when other people put suggestions on me for what to paint, write or create. And I am pretty sure most artists have experienced the same situation at one time or another.

In my professional opinion, our art is an expression of ourselves; it is an extension of our souls and needs not to be punished by being stifled or ridiculed.

More plainly, it’s just us; reaching out to the world and asking: are you like me? Do you like the same things? Do you feel the same way?

My goal is not only to have all of these pursuits realized but to also encourage them in others, provide a welcome place for artists to work as well as a means to support themselves.

That being said, I thank you for helping my dreams to reality and I hope you keep yours within reach-

Samuel Worley

AKA: Sammy