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The following are the current projects I’m working on here at Worley Studios; some may include hiring models or outsourcing jobs to other creatives…

  • Finalizing the Wind-Weaver’s Quest fantasy novel which includes painting/drawing 10 more illustrations as well as discovering models who would be willing to pose for all books in the series. (List of character types to come). Also, I may be looking for an agent since I am leaning towards a book publisher instead of self publishing.


  • Producing my first solo album. Playlist is put together already with 12 songs & the cover design is finished. Now, it’s all about getting a good quality production put together.


  • Putting together an online video game inspired by an idea I had worked on as a teenager back in the day when Magic the Gathering began. This one is pretty hush-hush though and fairly complex in its simplicity. I can say though that I will be creating the first map myself just to see how it goes but I plan on being able to hire other artists as the game advances and gets traction.


  • This last one is more of a goal instead of a project but I plan on having my original art, limited editions and smaller open edition poster prints in 10+ galleries and stores by the end of the year. I’ll be listing the places carrying my work here at worleystudios.com  on my exhibitions page so you can pop by and check them out.